Belief Polarization in Times of Coronavirus and Climate Change

Putting Theory into Practice

Emergence of belief polarization BELIEF POLARIZATION Dissemination of belief polarization and misinformation Mitigation of Polarization and Misinformation

Symposium in Tübingen, October 4 - 6, 2021

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Polarization is one of the key challenges in the 21st century. People get divided over societal, political, and even scientifically grounded issues. Many believe that these dynamics are fueled by current media ecologies that put emotionally charged pieces of misinformation and fake news at an advantage.

A diverse range of scientific disciplines (e.g., psychology, communication science, political science, data science, sociology) addresses the topic of belief polarization, developing and testing models of how belief polarization emerges, and how misinformation spreads across social networks.

This symposium will bring together experts from a wide range of scientific fields to share their insights and discuss their views. It provides an avenue for talking about conceptual issues (e.g., polarization as an individual vs. a collective phenomenon), methodological/empirical issues (e.g., different insights gained from experiments, survey studies, field data, and modeling). Importantly, we do not only seek to better understand the phenomena of polarization and misinformation, but also will focus on practical solutions that tackle these problems.

The symposium consists of three interrelated parts. Each part will be headed by a (public) keynote talk and followed by a number of (closed-session) presentations. Importantly, we have allotted ample time for discussion rounds at the end of each part of the symposium. The three parts deal with the topics of 1) emergence, 2) dissemination, and 3) mitigation of belief polarization and misinformation.

To the Keynotes

Belief Polarization


During the symposium, 15 researchers will present their work, share their ideas, and discuss future projects. As the participants come from various locations, work in different disciplinary fields, and are at quite different career stages, this symposium provides an exciting venue for scientific exchange and collaboration.

All researchers have a keen interest in issues revolving around belief polarization and/or fake news mechanics and/or conspiracy theories. We have loosely assigned their presentations to the three overarching Symposium Themes of Emergence, Dissemination, and Mitigation.

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IWM & university of Tübingen

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This symposium would not have been possible without the effort and support of our great team. We thank everyone involved for their support!

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